At UAV Components we believe that more safe operation of drones is critical to insure the continued growth of the industry. Therefor are we investing heavily in new products which can help our customers to deliver more reliable and secure drone solutions. We are trying to re-think and innovate all parts of the drones in tight corporation with leading research institutions.

We hope that you want to be part of the future where the technology can generate value in until now unpredicted scenarios.

UAV Components is more than a supplier – We are very focused on both development and high quality products from our headquarters in Denmark. Our quality products are today found in more than thousands “drones” flying all over the globe and we are working hard every day to develop and produce products of the highest quality.

Scherrer UHF is the market leading long-range control system owned and marketed by UAV Components.

Some of our clients

  • DAS
  • Google
  • Fraunhofer
  • Au